Tecno Camon 15 Premier: review


   the intro you know it has a pop-up front-facing camera the box have a sim removal tool the TPU case and a warranty card for the first time in a long time there seemed to be no screen protector in the box now yes they come on v 10 let’s take out the stickers wow this one is beautiful you get a 10 watts charger and Yepez and a micro USB cable putting the phone in the case I notice the top right corner comes off easily it doesn’t feel snug and that’s because it has a cutout for the front-facing camera Beauty aside this form fields durable have drop it a couple of times on this no scratch or dent on this phone having a plastic rear has its advantages trust me I know now at the front of this device you have a 6.6 inch IPS display with small bezels the display of the common fifteen premier has been improved it comes with a 1080p display this time around at the left side of the device you have a dual SIM tray and a memory card slot at the right side you have the volume and power buttons at the bottom you have the mono speaker and micro USB ports a mic and a 3.5 mm audio jack at the top you have a motorized pop up front-facing camera it’s a 32 megapixel camera on a boot as an adult in this video so stay with me and subscribe if you haven’t the pop-up mechanism is strong and I know this because I have abused it and it hasn’t malfunctioned pop in the camera 10 times gives you this message please do not frequent open camera if you’re wondering if the camera retract when it detects a fall yes it does face unlock water you can use the pop-up front-facing camera to unlock this device it’s surprisingly fast and it takes about 1.5 seconds to unlock now at the rear of this device you have a quad camera set a flush on a fingerprint scanner the fingerprint scanner it’s fast and I have no complaints here it’s easy for your index finger to find the location of the scanner.

Display of the phone:

 the display the comma 15 premiere comes with a six point six inch IPS LCD panel it’s a 1080 panel with a resolution of 1080p by 23 40 pixels it has 390 pixels per inch it’s a sharp display and it has small bezels with a screen to body ratio of 84% the striking thing about the display is this size at 6.6 inches this display is big and it has small bezels if you’re the type that likes consuming media are playing games browsing and chatting on a big display this is the phone to get if you have big hands you can get away with using just one hand but for most people including myself this is a 200 device luckily we just chose on the one hand feature you can definitely use the device with one hand for performance thanks to the media tight feel your feet at five chipsets you can play your favorite games on this device the processor onboard is a twelve nanometer chipset it’s the same chipset you get from last year’s phantom line and it’s fast you get six gigabytes of RAM which is impressive for your budget device you can open up your apps in the background switch between your favorite apps and pick up from where you stopped without it’s reloading multi toxin on this device is effortless you can unlock app so that when you close all the apps in the background the apps are locked don’t get closed I run unto the benchmark test and yes the results for Geekbench this is the score they come off 15 premier is just like a phantom 9 with bigger display and a bigger battery but a much more affordable price and so far so good I am impressed thanks to the mediatek helio peter 5 chipset and the power v rge 8320 GPU they come off 15 premiere complete all your favorite games just fine it can play titles like pop G as of 9 Call of Duty without breaking a sweat now with a 6.6 inch display that is big you’re going to enjoy playing games on this device they come off 15 premiere is shaping up to be a device for people that are on a budget I want few compromises this device can’t game and it’s affordable now there are lot of people out there the mono speaker is loud and I didn’t get any issue making or receiving calls on this device.

Camera of the phone:

 the cameras at the frontier habitats 2 megapixel pop-up camera the front camera doesn’t have a dedicated flash instead it uses the display as its flash yes some of the pictures taken with a front-facing camera of the common 15 premiere the picture is sharp on my skin tone looks accurate when you zoom in you can see see details for the background the structure and the colors of object are maintained the next sample is a portrait picture and I think the camera did a good job in separating me from the background now if we zoom in into my beards the details are still retained the front camera takes good pictures as long as this end of lights this is a picture I took at night with the front camera using the display as the flash as I expected it that’s 2 megapixel sensor couldn’t capture more

 details as there isn’t enough lights without the flash this is what it looks like now this picture was taken in those with average lighting conditions and it looks alright we turn off lights the front camera takes amazing pictures the next image is a tricky one because the camera is try to capture multiple things zooming into my face it did a good job with the details I still look fresh and paying and for the other objects in the background granted he doesn’t look sharp I got the colors right you can see some details of the roof of there hello guys so here’s a video from the front-facing camera of the comer 50mm yes the records in 1080p 30 frames per second and it looks alright let me know what you guys think about the video and audio quality corner from the front-facing camera after camera 15 premiere dynamic range it’s not so good but

 it’s alright for a budget phone moving to the rear we have four cameras the main camera has a 64 megapixel shooter actually it’s a 16 megapixel camera that takes 4 images merge them into one to give you a 6 to 4 megapixel photo resulting in the shopper a more detailed picture you have a 5 megapixel wide-angle camera the 2 megapixel dead camera and a QP GS sensor the image is captured with the main camera are very good colors look natural and sharp this image was captured using the 64 megapixel feature and the size of this image is 14 megabytes when you turn up this feature the image becomes 4 megabytes and there’s a slight drop in quality the combination of 4 images match into one does give you a sharper image and I am pleased with the results now here’s the image of my favorite quarantine food it looks good even though there isn’t enough light in the room when I took this picture hello guys so here’s a video from the red camera of the common 15 from here it shoots in 1080p that difference per second and looks alright what’d you guys think about the video and audio quality coming up from the web camera of the comma 15 p

he comma 15 premiere you do you like it moving to the battery department a-comin 15 Premier is powered by a 4,000 millions battery which is decent obviously this isgo to last you the entire day  the comma 15 Premier is shaping up to be a good replacement for the common 12 because a bigger display with a higher resolution you get the faster processor with 2 more RAM this is definitely a good upgrade for the cons of this device there isn’t fast judging you get a micro USB port instead of the micro USB type-c ports that were custom to and that’s about it so guys this is my review become a 50mm yeah it’s a fantastic phone