What is Artificial intelligence ?

 Artificial intelligence the next big thing but why do we need a I hear is a lot lying in his grade let’s go back into time and see what happened Alan met with a major accident because of driving back home trunk along with 10,265 other people every year this number is increasing and we have cars that can drive on its own that can save people like Alan Jack is blind he wishes for a device that could help him to see the world meet Olivia she is visiting Berlin she cannot understand German sign words she wishes for a software that can convert those German words in English looking at all the scenarios what do we understand we need an intelligent machine which has the power to think analyze and make decisions this is nothing but Artificial intelligence the basic idea is to mimic a human brain inside a machine .

 for example if we want a car to drive on its own we need to train that car based on drivers experience with the Artificial intelligence  people like Alan can sit comfortably in self-driving car and reach home safely you will be amazed to know that bondsman’s that have been made in this field Artificial intelligence has also held people like Jack or camps my eye is a small wearable device that has the ability to read printed text from any surface the device also recognizes faces at individuals as well as identifies products and denominations of currency notes phylidia we have Artificial intelligence enabled mobile apps that can extract the text from an image and converted into a different language Artificial intelligence is not only saving our lives or making it comfortable but it is also contributing in field of art meet the famous painter which has a computer program Aaron is able to create very unique and exquisite paintings as softwares are even composing music Artificial intelligence has given us word script which can create a unique story for you it writes articles in newspapers and on internet. 

 we even have Sherlock and intelligent tutoring system teaching airforce technicians how to diagnose electrical problems and aircrafts so clearly after internet which is connect as the entire world and microchips without which more than humans cannot survive Artificial intelligence is the next big thing that is revolutionising the world the question is what are the technologies that are driving this advancements in the field of Artificial intelligence first game machine learning for achieving Artificial intelligence .

       Now people are know about deep learning which is a subfield machine learning deep learning works in the same way how a human brain works it is inspired from neem logs which are nothing but brain cells deep learning uses multiple artificial human these neurons are arranged in the form of layers output of every layer is the input to the next layer earlier due to less data and lack of computation of power deep learning was not possible but now we have GPUs a huge amount of data because of which deep learning models give very high accuracy for deep learning the most famous programming language is pipeline and tensor flow is a Python package for implementing deep learning master the concepts of Artificial intelligence and deep learning with viral punch